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Wangcheng Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1987. The initial business was mainly on the maintenance of various heat treatment furnaces and the trading of various high-temperature materials. In 1989, it began to manufacture various heat treatment furnaces, and is well-known in the heat treatment industry for its excellent quality and product customization.
Wang Cheng Enterprise Co., Ltd. The spirit of innovation and change is constantly striving for the improvement of technical quality. In continuous heat treatment furnaces or pit furnaces of various sizes, the temperature uniformity can reach to plus or minus 5°C.
Wangcheng Company upholds the youthful mind of the company's initial creation, and continuously injects new technologies, hoping to provide sustainable services to all industries.

Mr. Hsieh Chen an, the general manager of Wangcheng Enterprise Co., Ltd., is a down-to-earth technician, proficient in the design and manufacture of various heat treatment furnaces. Under his leadership, the company's business is prosperous.

Our company recruits first-class talents in the design and drawing, manufacturing, and control systems of various heat treatment furnaces, and combines the elites of upstream, middle and downstream to ensure the company's first-class products, and has obtained CE certification (as shown in the photo).
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